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Hiring Secrets for a Successful Business

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Staffing is an art and a science, but regardless of the methods an employer chooses to pursue, a successful end result looks the same:  A workplace of thriving, productive employees who show personal dedication to the enterprise, and who offer high returns on the company’s investments in hiring and training. In other words, no matter the industry, employees in a well-managed company compete to get in the door, give their all every single day, and once on board, they stay.

Does this sound like your workplace? If not, you may be facing a few common obstacles that may be easier to overcome than you realize. Consider the following moves.

Problem: A lack of qualified applicants

Solution:  If your applicant pool looks weak, rethink your sourcing strategy. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what an ideal candidate looks like, then target your posting to this ideal candidate. Draft the text to appeal to this person, and post the ad in a place where he or she will see it. Provide clearer instructions to your recruiters, widen the online reach of your post, lean heavily on your social and professional networks to spread the word, and put more effort into building an in-house pipeline of qualified candidates who are ready for the next level. 

Problem: Great candidates who get away at the last minute

Solution: Top candidates are often lured away by better offers before they’re brought on board. This can be disappointing and expensive, but the problem can be reduced if employers are willing to streamline the screening and hiring process. Start by conducting fewer and more meaningful interviews. Treat candidates with respect at every stage of the process, which means staying in touch and keeping them updated when timelines change. Most important, research the market value of the skills you need and don’t be stingy with salary offers. 

Problem: Disengagement and high turnover

Solution: There are many possible causes of low morale and low productivity, and the first step to a solution will involve tracking the problem to the source in your specific workplace. The next step will involve tackling the problem in substantive ways, and changing course if these methods don’t bring the results you need.

If you aren’t sure where to start, reach out to the Little Rock staffing and business management experts at CSS and arrange a consultation. We can help you identify the issues that are holding your company back, and once these issues are clear, we’ll work with you to adjust your hiring and staffing strategies and bring out the best in your valuable human capital.

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