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Get Your Resume Recruiter-Ready!


Are you a job seeker looking for light industrial work in a warehouse or on a factory floor? If you’re ready to step into a steady full or part-time position along the manufacturing and distribution chain, it’s a smart move to enlist the help of professional recruiters. After all, recruiters maintain wide networks, and they know exactly what kinds of traits their industrial clients are searching for. But in order to get the recruiter attention you need, your resume will need to set you apart from hundreds of other candidates in this competitive sector of the job marketplace. Here are a few moves to keep in mind.

1. Focus on the big picture. If you’re posting your resume online or publishing it in a highly visible space, target the entire industry instead of one specific company or employer. Keep your net wide and showcase your flexibility and willingness to learn in addition to your specific certifications and experience.

2. Use keywords. Start with the big three: Your desired job title, your field (light industrial), and your geographic area. These are the three terms recruiters usually type into a search (on LinkedIn, for example) in order to find potential candidates for their clients. If your name appears in the list of search results, recruiters will be likely to send you opportunities and posts for open positions. Recruiters also use these terms as they search through their own vast resume databases.

3. Open your resume with a short paragraph that summarizes what you have to offer. In your summary, clearly state the qualifications and certifications you hold that are likely to set you apart. For example, skip empty, universal descriptors like “I’m a hard worker” (who isn’t?) and replace this with “I’m a CNC certified machine tooling specialist.”

4. Keep your resume details and subheadings clear, articulate and well-organized. Potential employees may be plentiful, but it’s harder to find warehouse employees who are also excellent communicators.

5. Take yourself seriously and recruiters will do the same. Remember: Recruiters aren’t working for you—they’re working for their employer clients. They’re not looking for employees. Instead, they’re looking for candidates they can proudly represent to potential managers. Create an impression of trust and reliability, and they’ll be more willing to stand behind you and attach their own names to your success.

For more on how to impress recruiters and win their support, reach out to the Little Rock light industrial staffing experts at CSS.

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