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Five Types of Industrial Candidates and How to Prepare For Each One

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In your capacity as an industrial hiring manager, you’ve met countless candidates and you’ve seen every type of employee come through your door. At this point, you may be able to size up your applicants within a glance. If you recognize any of these common candidate profiles, shape your interview process accordingly, and keep an open mind.

The Talented One Trick Pony

This candidate knows how to do one thing, and one thing only. But she does it well, and her skill set is rare and not easy to find. She also has a long track record of experience and the kind of deep, practical knowledge that can’t be gained in the classroom. You need her on your team…but there’s a catch. He isn’t interested in expanding her skills to other areas, and he knows the marketplace value of her specific talent. If you don’t pay up or provide what he needs, someone else will.

Your approach: Pay up. But explore your other options first. Also, keep your negotiation timeline under control and calculate what you stand to lose each day that this specialized position stands unstaffed.

The High Potential Candidate

This candidate may lack experience and focused training. But he’s ambitious, he’s clever, and his professional history demonstrates that he’s willing to work hard and learn new things. He can be molded into any shape (given enough training and exposure), and as your company grows and evolves, his contributions will do the same. Best of all, he comes at a bargain. Hire him now, train him in-house, and over the long term, your investment will pay off tenfold (as long as you can keep him happy and onboard).

You approach: Have an honest discussion with him about where he’d like to take his career in the future and how this aligns with your vision for the company.

The Card Puncher

This candidate just wants a paycheck. He has no specific plans for the future, no urge to develop new talents or learn new things, and no specific enthusiasm or ambition. But if you tell him to do something, he’ll do it. He’ll move mountains if he has too, but he’ll get the job done.

Your approach: Hire this candidate if your position involves a high level of commitment and a low level of long term vision. If the reverse is true, watch out.

The Talker

This candidate is friendly, sociable and dazzling. There’s nothing she can’t do, and there’s no one she doesn’t like. But don’t be taken in before you make sure all this talk lies on a foundation of substance. Consider adding tests to your screening process or hiring her on a probationary basis to make sure that your needs line up with what she can actually deliver.

The Perfect Match

The perfect match has the skills you need right now, the native intelligence to gain new skills in the future, the ambition he needs to grow, and the social skills he needs to adapt to your culture. When you find this candidate, act fast and make an offer before your competitors do. For help, turn to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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