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Five Qualities Modern Employees Need for Success

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In a digital age when “vital” skill sets are rapidly evolving, and a job description that makes people rich today is utterly obsolete tomorrow, what are some of the rock solid traits that all employees can count on? What are some of the skills and traits that will almost always bring returns on our investment of time, training, and committed self-improvement efforts? Here are five of the top skills that modern employees need for success, no matter they have planned for the future.

1. Modern employees understand the new definition of “leadership”.

When earlier generations heard this word, they pictured a drill sergeant barking orders, or a monocle- wearing company president with a corner office at Spacely Sprockets. Leaders tell people what to do, sure. But in our era, leadership isn’t defined by the chair you sit in. It’s defined by the number of people who listen when you start to speak. Industry leadership happens when decision-makers start tuning into your thoughtful, well-researched blog. When your follower count rises and strangers start taking your advice, you’re a leader. When people start following the example you set, you’re a leader. In a true democracy, all voices are heard. Make sure yours is heard, heeded, and taken seriously.

2. Successful employees control distractions.

These days, information comes toward our eyes and ears at light speed from all directions. And as it happens, when these distractions slow us down, it isn’t the sender’s fault, it’s ours. It’s also not the sender’s responsibility to stop these distractions or filter them for us. Tune out the distractions during working hours. And if you can’t tune them out, find a way to turn them off.

3. Successful employees share and help others.

Attention and information are like love and money: the more you give away, the more you seem to have. It may feel risky to take your precious bank of credit (for a successful project), time (that you could be spending on your own work) or information (when we know something other people don’t know, we feel privileged and powerful), and share these reserves with someone else. But the employees who do this are the ones who rise the fastest.

4. Successful employees can work anywhere.

If your company sent you home right now for the rest of the day, would you buckle down and get to work? Or would you find yourself taking your dog to the park or playing with your kids? If you know you couldn’t get much done without supervision, working remotely isn’t right for you. But you may want to start strengthening these skills, because remote employment is rapidly growing trend, and those who can handle the challenges of autonomy are better poised to get ahead.

For more on what it takes to get ahead in a modern professional landscape, reach out the staffing and employment experts at CSS.

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