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Five Job Search Tactics for New Nurses

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You just completed your final coursework and graduated from your BSN program with your diploma in hand. Congratulations! Or maybe you just finished your LPN program or associates degree, and after passing your state exams, you’ve earned your license and you’re on your way. In either case, academia is now behind you and the working world lies ahead. The clinic, hospital, surgical center or residential facility that will launch your career is out there…somewhere. You just have to find your future employer and schedule your start date, and you’ll be off and running. Here are six proven moves that can shorten your job search and help you find the position you need.

Turn to the people you already know.

Don’t walk away and leave your professors and classmates behind. These people will form the first stands of the web that will eventually become an established career network, and if you think these relationships are part of your past, think again. Stay in close contact with those who have supervised you during rotations, graded your exams, or watched you interact with patients and clients. These people can vouch for you when necessary, and they can also help alert you to open positions in your area.

Keep an open mind.

In keeping with a rise in demand for healthcare services, employers and administrators are experiencing a spike in demand for nursing staff. But these nursing shortages aren’t happening everywhere. Demand seems to be growing in rural parts of the country, while nurses often struggle and compete for positions in highly populated metropolitan areas. If you’re willing to expand your search range or move to follow a position, you may increase your options.

Highlight your overlapping skill sets.

If you specialize in one clinical area, that’s a positive selling point for your resume. But if you have experience in more than one area, or if you can offer additional skill sets (like a programming background or the ability to speak multiple languages), make this clear. Don’t underestimate the value this can add to your profile.

Demonstrate self-direction and a willingness to continue your education.

Do you know exactly where you’d like to take your career in one, three, and five years? Do you plan to actively seek the training, mentoring, and educational opportunities that can help you get there? If you have your sights set on a long term plan, let your potential employers know. Most employers want nursing staff members who have goals that align with those of the organization.

Stay patient and focused.

Even in a high-demand field like nursing, the job search process can be a challenge. But every move you make, every resume you submit, and every informational interview you schedule will bring you one step closer to where you need to be. Don’t give up. For help and support, contact the healthcare job search experts at Career Staffing Services.

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