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Don’t Stall Your Job Search During the Holidays


If the November blahs are starting to get you down and you’re waiting for the cheer of the holidays to drift in and break up your feelings of isolation and job search frustration, you’re not alone. Most job seekers start to lose focus around the end of the year, and staying on track can be especially difficult when hiring managers are also pulled off course by vacations and seasonal business spikes or lulls. Waiting for a response after an interview can he hard, but it’s even harder when a two-day wait extends to weeks or even months. But don’t despair. Here are a few things to keep in mind as your attention starts to wander.

Every move shortens the process overall.

Every day and hour you invest in your search now will bring the final finish line a little bit closer. You may still be searching in January, but if you pedal hard now, there’s a chance you’ll be spending your new year collecting a paycheck instead of submitting more resumes.

Your competitors are letting go.

Since many other job seekers feel the same holiday distractions that you’re feeling right now, they’ll have choices to make, just like you do. Most of them will succumb to the temptations of relaxing by the fire and sipping cocoa. If you keep working, you’ll have a wide open field and fewer candidates to compete with…but only for a few weeks.

The holidays offer plenty of networking opportunities.

You don’t have to use holiday gatherings as a career stepping stone, and you don’t have to urgently push your friends and family for leads while you mix and mingle. But holiday parties give you a chance to catch up with your contacts, make new friends, extend your network, and find out what you have to offer to others, not just to gain. In the long run, the time you spend socializing and sharing your current career status can and will pay off.

Keep your needs in perspective.

If you’re burning out on the job search and you’re up to your neck in your own worries and frustrations, the slower place of the holidays can help you reflect and refocus. Think about the needs of others for a little while instead of your own, and temper the urgent pursuit of what you want with little gratitude for what you already have. Taking a breath and backing up a bit can help you reframe your goals and approach the search with a fresh new attitude.

For more on how to keep your search moving during the holiday season and beyond, contact the job search and career management team at CSS.

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