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Creating the Right Work Life Balance for You


In our modern world, issues related to “work-life balance” are rapidly moving from the fringes of the HR world to the center of the mainstream. Where a typical seminar or training session on work-life balance once attracted only a handful of participants, now these sessions can pack a room and are often considered mandatory for both employees and managers alike. Daily decisions that promote mental and physical health, as it happens, also promote company productivity and long term career success. So what steps can you take to tune in, refocus, and take care of yourself so you’re better able to take care of those who depend on you, including your employer? Start with these.

When you need a break, take a break.

Step out of the room for five minutes. Or even 30 seconds. Sometimes a simple change of venue or a breath of fresh air can offer the restorative power that can get you through the day. Don’t hesitate to leave your desk or take a walk when you need to take a walk. Remember that you’re an adult and you don’t need permission to step away from your station for a minute.

Routines make everything easier.

The day goes much more smoothly when everybody knows exactly where they need to be and what they need to be doing at any given time. Studies show that making too many decisions during the day can actually drain our physical energy, drain our mental energy, and actually result in poorer decisions and weaker judgement as the day goes on. But establishing a routine can reduce some of those decisions. Functioning on autopilot now and then can allow your candle to burn a little longer.

Take your vacation, sick days and PTO time.

Sick days are there for a reason. When you’re sick, stay home. It’s not heroic to stumble into work, survive the day operating at 10%, and spread your germs to everyone else before the day is over. Skipping work save time and trouble for everyone, and the same rule applies to vacations and PTO time. Giving them up helps nobody, especially you.

Teamwork also helps.

If you make it clear that you’re willing to lend a helping hand and share the load whenever you’re needed, remember that this road moves in two directions. When you need a similar favor, don’t hesitate to lean on those around you. You don’t run this company by yourself (and chances are, you aren’t being paid enough to take on this level of responsibility.)

For more on how to control your job and prevent it from controlling you, reach out the career management experts at CSS.

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