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Cover Letter Tips for Skilled Trade Positions

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If you’re looking for a trade position in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, auto or aircraft mechanics, electrical work, roofing, or masonry, your cover letter will follow many of same rules as those of any other applicant. You’ll need to keep your message short, clear, relevant, and respectful. You’ll need to clearly state the positon you’re looking for and why you believe you’re an ideal match. And you’ll need to share what you have to offer that other candidates don’t have. But you’ll also need to pay attention to some additional details, a few rules that are specific to the trade-focused job search.

Remember that trade roles depend heavily on trust.

If you have years of experience and your employers can present you to clients on day one without concern, that’s a strong selling point. But you’ll have to prove it. As you state your accomplishments, add numbers. Place quantities on everything you’ve done—from timelines, to the number of people on the teams you lead, to the numbers of items you produced or calls you completed per hour or per month. Numbers make your accomplishments easy to understand and easy to remember.

If you don’t have experience, pitch something else.

If you don’t have years of experience, you’ll have to sell any or all of three other items: Your ambition and ability to learn, the extensive training you’ve received, or how much employers stand to gain by hiring you (for example, candidates who are hungry for experience often come at a discount, but as their value increases, they stay on board, which presents a long term win for those who hire them).

List every aspect of your training: Don’t miss an opportunity.

If you developed an interest in this field when you were a child, that may mean more to your employers than you realize. If you spent your teenage years practicing this trade while working for the family business, don’t fail to mention this. List (and explain, if necessary) every course, every certification, and every award you’ve earned or won. Help your employers to help you by giving them a true sense of the depth and breadth of your skill level.

For more on how to complete a targeted resume and cover letter and land an ideal job in a skilled trade field, reach out to the Maumelle staffing experts at CSS.

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