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12 Cost Effective Ways to Find Employees

Find Employees

Let’s face it, finding employees is challenging. However, there are cost effective ways to find employees. In this post we will cover 12 strategies besides posting on a job board or placing expensive ads. Many are no cost or low cost and budget friendly.

Use Your Network to find employees

This is the simplest and easiest way to recruit. Plus it’s free! However, most people over look this obvious source. Be sure to let everyone you know that you are hiring and what skillsets you are looking for. This is an especially great strategy for a small business owner because your friends are going to care about your success. Also your friends are going to know like-minded people.

Post on Social Media Platforms

Similar to sharing via word of mouth networking, posting on Social Media makes it easier and faster to broaden your reach. Create a simple post with an eye catching picture. Include the name of the position for which you’re hiring and how to contact you. Then ask your friend to share it with their network. This one is also free!

Your Website Provides Cost Effective Ways to Find Employees

If your website does not have a Careers or Job Openings page, you should add this. This is your real estate. Plus your website is a great way for people to learn more about your company. Additionally, if you post the positions here, then you can include a link in your social media posts. While this strategy will have some upfront costs, it will be something you can edit each time you have an opening. Bonus: you could also have contact form that would allow active or passive job seekers to upload a resume.

Tap Into School Career Centers to Recruit Job Seekers

This is a great source if you are looking for entry level candidates or recent graduates. Career Resource Centers are happy to have options to offer their student. Don’t forget those part-time positions! Students are frequently available for part-time work.

Recruit From Business or Trade Associations Unique to Your Industry

What better way to find someone that already has both skills and experience in your line of work! There may be a cost to advertise on online job boards or publications, however the readership will be much more targeted. Additionally if you are active in these organizations and have built relationships, then simply use the word of mouth networking approach here. This could be an ideal strategy for those higher level positions.

Newsletters Provide Cost Effective Ways to Find Employees

Does your homeowners association put out a newsletter? What about your church bulletin or civic organizations? These organizations may also have a “job board” or “resources page” on their website where you can post your opening. This source may be free or require a small donation.

Ask for Referrals from Employees and Clients

The people who work for your company or who do business with your company already have an understanding of your business. They are uniquely qualified to assist in the recruiting process. Consider offering a bonus, incentive or prize if you hire one of their referrals.

Recruit People Who Provide You with Exceptional Service

Ever received exceptional service? Pay these folks a compliment and tell them about your position. Let them know how much you appreciate their friendly service, attention to detail, etc. While they may not be looking, there is a good chance they know more people like themselves. Always carry your business cards! This way you can hand out a few to that person that took such good care of you.

Utilize Internships to Find Qualified and Experienced Candidates

Many universities are now requiring students to fulfill intern requirements in a field related to their degree. In some cases the intern may work for free. In other cases the pay rate could be minimum wage or less than the going rate. This is a win/win for both parties. The student get much need experience that will make him or her more marketable after graduation. Plus they get college credit for working. The employer has an employee that is eager to learn and guaranteed to show up for work. Additionally, the student might just be a perfect fit a permanent position with your organization.

Community Service Can Lead to Cost Effective Ways to Find Employees

If you enjoy community service, reach out to the organization where you volunteer and let them know you are hiring. Build relationships with other volunteers and be sure to network with them. People who volunteer tend to be like-minded and service oriented. Many enjoy the opportunity connect and help others, so don’t overlook this opportunity.

Non-Profits Seeking Work for their Clientele

Perhaps your organization requires unskilled labor for simple tasks. These might be perfect positions for disabled, handicapped or mentally challenged adults. There are organizations that work with these folks teaching them life skills and assisting them in finding employment. This could be a not only a great resource of potential employees for your company, but enables the company to give back to the community.

Staffing Agencies and Recruiters Offer Cost Effective Ways to Find Employees

Working with a staffing agency like Career Staffing Services or a recruiter that specializes in your industry can save you both time and money. Because we are always recruiting job seekers all day, every day, we have a pool of people already screened that can potentially fill your openings in a timely manner. It is important, however, to make sure that the recruiter or the agency specializes in your field.


To assist you in your recruiting efforts, we have created a FREE Checklist summing up each of these strategies. Click Here to download your copy today! If you would like explore how Career Staffing Service can customize a recruiting plan for you business please drop a line here or call us at (501)801-8061.

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