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Close your Skills Gap with Temporary Employees

Fighting the manufacturing skills gap

Are you struggling with a manufacturing skills gap? Are you facing several unstaffed positions that stand open for week after week and month after month while you sift through candidate profiles that just aren’t a match? Maybe you found and hired a candidate (or three) for a critical open position only to find out within a year that your chosen applicant didn’t have the skills to handle the job.

Skills gaps in the manufacturing sector are real, and they’re a serious problem. Open positions cost money and time, and they generate headaches for managers who have a tough choice to make: lower standards during the candidate search, train underqualified candidates on the job, or keep waiting until the perfect match comes along. All three are acceptable options, but all three are risky, expensive, or both.

So why not consider temporary staffing? While you search for a rare unicorn who holds the overlapping credentials you need, staff the role and get things moving with a smart, high-potential candidate who can learn the ropes quickly. Or better yet, turn to a proven and trusted agency with a web of candidate contacts who actually have these skills and are looking for you as urgently as you’re looking for them. Keep these considerations in mind before you wait another day.

Temporary Employees Aren’t What You Might Think

Too often, manufacturing managers hear the word “temp” and picture unskilled candidates with ambition, but limited training and experience. That may have been an accurate assumption a generation ago, but modern staffing agencies maintain contact with a wide and deep network of highly skilled machinists, machine operators, coding pros, engineers, planners, inspectors, and assembly line workers who can step into the job and pick up the reins immediately.

Temps are Also High-Potential

But that’s not to say the vision is completely off-base. If you really are looking for younger, untrained candidates with “upside potential”, temporary agencies can help with that too. Consider bringing on a candidate who will learn quickly and grow in value, but who won’t cost much at the outset. The two of you will grow and learn together, and in the meantime, both of you stand to save and gain.

Temps Can Get and Keep your Company Moving

If you won’t settle for less than perfection, that’s fine, but a skilled temporary employee can keep your operation in motion without the hassle of a long term mutual commitment. When you find the star you’re looking for, your temporary employee can be reassigned to another job. But in the meantime, your losses will be minimal.

For more on how to close your skills gap and keep your work from backing up and your machines from standing idle, contact the Little Rock manufacturing staffing team at CSS.

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