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Can you Turn a Temporary Assignment into a Full Time Opportunity?

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Your temporary position wasn’t billed as a permanent or full time opportunity, so as you begin work on your first day, you don’t expect to stay with these employers beyond the end of your contract period. But what if you like it here? What if you feel a connection with your boss and coworkers? What if you respect this company’s business model and you a permanent position here can help move you closer to your long term career goals? If you’d like to turn your short term gig into a full time job, keep these moves in mind.

Let your recruiter know.

Open a communication channel with your recruiter and keep it open. If you like this pace, say so. If you’d like to stay, make your feelings known. Nobody can help you get what you want if they don’t know what that is. And when your contract period ends, your boss may be able to make the necessary arrangements and keep you onboard.

Ask for feedback on your work.

Both positive and negative feedback can help you grow, but you probably won’t hear very much from your employers if you don’t ask. Temporary employees aren’t usually criticized or praised very much, but if you let your employers know that you care about their assessment of your work and you’d like to support the success of the company, you may receive a thoughtful and honest response.

Make friends and earn respect.

Ty not to show up and disappear each day like a ghost. Instead, put down some roots. Remember the names of those you interact with. Be friendly and kind, even to total strangers. And dress nicely; try to keep your attire at least one or two notches above what’s expected of a temporary employee in your role. Every little detail helps you stand out and shows that you care about the organization and its fate.

Learn as much as you can about the company.

Within the first week or two of your temporary job, ask some questions about this company and the larger significance of your role here. What product or service does this organization provide and what are the mechanisms that accomplish this? Pay attention and remember the answers. Demonstrate that you’re interested and a quick study.

Ask for support.

Even if your current boss can’t take you on full time or has no opportunities to offer you, enlist her help and ask for her advice. Let her know what kinds of jobs you’re looking for over the long term and see how she responds. There may be other positions available within other departments or branches of the organization.

For more on how to make the most of your temporary job, and maybe leverage this gig into a full time career, reach out to the Little Rock staffing and job search experts at CSS.

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