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Busting Myths about Manufacturing Jobs

Busting Myths about MFG Jobs

If you’ve been avoiding a career in manufacturing—or encouraging your child to choose an alternate path—you may be acting a few of these common assumptions about the manufacturing industry. These myths are pervasive, but they don’t reflect reality. Take a close look and you may determine that manufacturing has more to offer than you thought.

Myth 1: Manufacturing is a low-skill field.

You want to dream big, and you want to tackle difficult and meaningful challenges during your working life. You don’t want to be trapped on a menial, repetitive treadmill day after day—You want to innovate, brainstorm, team up, solve big problems and make the world a better place. You want to use your natural talents to do something others can’t. Well, here some news: manufacturing jobs are becoming highly technical, and many of them require advanced degrees.

Myth 2: Manufacturing comes with low pay.

Some assembly-line and warehousing jobs don’t pay astronomical salaries, but if you work with the protection of a union or you step into a hard-to-staff position, manufacturing jobs can offer salaries that break well into six figures. Depending on where you work, who you work for, and what you do, salary can be a benefit of this field, not a drawback.

Myth 3: Manufacturing jobs aren’t very prestigious.

Your parents wanted a doctor in the family, and you’re avoiding manufacturing because you don’t want to disappoint them. What will they say to the neighbors? Here’s what they’ll say: Manufacturing is dignified, innovative work with the potential to inspire global change. To solve some of our most important problems—like climate change and energy independence—we rely on manufacturing experts to come up with practical, affordable solutions that can be made available on the broader marketplace.

Myth 4: Manufacturing is bad for your health.

If your concerned about musculoskeletal problems or repetitive stress and you aren’t excited about long days of heavy lifting on hot, poorly ventilated shop floors, visit a modern manufacturing facility and look around. Yes, many manufacturing jobs involve a physical element, but workplace safety and cleanliness are not what they were twenty years ago.

Myth 5: Manufacturing jobs are gone—They’re all overseas now.

This simply isn’t true. Some industries experience offshoring trends, but by no means have all manufacturing jobs disappeared from the domestic landscape. In fact, many sectors of the industry are experience a reversal and are moving facilities back from abroad due to tax incentives and problems with long distance communication.

For more on the benefits of a career in manufacturing, and for information on how to get started, reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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