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Boosting Employee Engagement

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Are your employees burning out, becoming distracted, or leaving their A games behind when they come into work, despite your best efforts to coach and motivate them? You’re not alone. With the economy still in a state of recovery and the holiday season around the corner, employees aren’t always poised to pour their best energy into the workday. And in some cases, the positions they’re holding aren’t an accurate reflection of where they wanted their careers to be at this point in their lives.

But all the same, you have a business to run. And it’s your job to inspire your employees, give them reasons to engage, and make them care about company success as much—or even more—than you do. When company success becomes a reflection of personal success in the minds of your employees, that’s when you’ll know you’ve done your best as a manager. Here are a few ways to get there.

1. Reward. And thank. Thank your employees for caring. Thank them for even the smallest contributions, including showing up on time day after day. A simple genuine “thank you” takes nothing away from you, and it lets your employees know that you’re paying attention to who they are what they have to offer.

2. When employees go above and beyond the expectations outlined in their job descriptions, don’t let this pass unnoticed. Thanking is one thing—material and public rewards are another. Consider every form of reward available to you, from monetary bonuses to time off. Bring these things to the table and they’ll have a considerable impact on your culture.

3. Work hard to make your workplace a positive place. Remember that your employees spend a third of their lives here. So small details matter. Bring in more natural light and green plants, encourage teamwork and supportive behavior, discourage gossip and bullying, and make sure your halls, conference rooms, and cubicles are clean and uncluttered.

4. Take a front line position. Every now and then when your employees face an especially unpleasant task—like dealing with an infamous client or cleaning out a set of grease traps—roll up your sleeves and take on the challenge yourself. Seeing a manager in this mode can greatly increase the respect and warmth your employees feel for you.

5. Encourage them to socialize. Sponsor a happy hour every Friday at a local restaurant. This will give your teams a chance to get to know each other outside of the workplace.

For more tips and tools that can help spark passion and commitment among your teams, reach out to the Little Rock staffing pros at CSS.

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