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Automation + Revenue Cycle Management in Staffing


Whenever staffing issues for the healthcare industry are discussed, it’s usually about nursing jobs. But there is another side that is overlooked and is also facing shortages: revenue cycle management positions. According to a survey by AKASA, they found that billing specialists, claims specialists, collections and front office staff were among the top positions that were vacant.

“We’re seeing staffing gaps at every stage of the revenue cycle process,” said Amy Raymond, vice president of revenue cycle operations at AKASA. “Revenue cycle departments are essential to the success of a healthcare organization. But this function of healthcare isn’t care-related and thus, often considered not revenue-generating. The result? Reactive, rather than proactive hiring.”

The focus on trying to recruit for these positions prevents companies from training current revenue cycle staff. Not only that, but these employees may be taking on more work than they can handle. This could lead to them not being effective in their position or cause them to burnout. To help with staffing gaps, more healthcare systems are turning to automation.

Automation in Revenue Cycle Management

The use of automation can help confirm insurance eligibility as well as self-pay accounts for patients. The idea is to help reduce the amount of denial claims because of accurate information from the beginning of the process. This allows actual staff to focus on care of patients and making sure any inaccuracies get their full attention.

“The technology essentially provides you with virtual full-time employees,” says Raymond. “Some of the work your team is doing now can be reassigned to the automation, freeing up the team to handle more value-generating tasks that require true human judgment.”

Automation systems are helping with both the front and back end of revenue cycle management processes. Industry experts are also working with A.I. providers to automate processes like prior authorizations as well. With these new innovations, it will allow you to focus on taking care of both patients as well as current RCM specialists.

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