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Attracting Millennial Talent in Manufacturing

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Hiring managers tend to get excited about talented millennial candidates for several reasons: Younger workers are often more malleable to a company’s process and culture, younger workers tend to cost less than older employees, and they present the appealing possibility of a long term relationship with the organization. Some of these expectations are reasonable, and some of them are product of age related stereotypes, but the end result is simple: in most sectors, employers are elbowing each other aside to reach high-potential candidates straight out of school. This is especially true in manufacturing.

So if you’re engaged in the manufacturing staffing process, what aspects of your firm, your culture, and your search could stand a little tightening as you start targeting millennial job seekers? Keep these considerations in mind.

View your technology through a candidate’s eyes.

Get serious about your technology and the impression it generates among young candidates. You don’t have to immediately adopt a Bring Your Own Device policy and have candidates use their own tools and tablets on your network, but you should at least get rid of your terminal emulation and establish a state-of-the-art ERP system. Sophisticated back office management and process improvement are not just a promising sign in the eyes of young candidates; they’re essential. Ideally, your ERP, EAM and other systems should be HTML5 mobile web-ready.

Consider the big impact of inexpensive perks.

Again, view what you have to offer from a millennial candidate’s point of view. These young candidates don’t have families yet, but if they stay with the company, they will soon. Right now they like free, accessible parking, mentoring opportunities, travel bonuses (even a few dollars per trip will make them happy), and flexible hours. In a few years, they’ll like daycare subsidies, gym memberships, room for advancement…and flexible hours. These things don’t cost much to provide, but if you provide them, you’ll be sowing the seeds of long term loyalty.

Tighten up your marketing plan and polish up your workplace reputation.

If you aren’t attracting the millennial applicants you need, maybe you’re targeting your pitch in the wrong direction. The tools and resources young people use to search for jobs are changing and evolving constantly. Reach out to an experienced staffing firm to find out where and how talented young people are looking for work right now. Some social media tools, for example, are more popular job search avenues than others. And some messages and media are more effective then others when you’re trying to sell your company as a stable, respectful, and exciting place to work.

For help and additional guidance with your screening and sourcing process, make an appointment with the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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