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As a Nurse, Should you Have a LinkedIn Profile?

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When LinkedIn first appeared on the scene a few years ago, it was viewed as a must-have for job seekers within certain fields, specifically those seeking work in internet and social-media-based industries. Marketing and business development pros, and of course those involved in online advertising and online customer relations, were advised to create a profile, build a huge list of network contacts, and check the site religiously for updates and new opportunities.

But what about job seekers in the healthcare field? Do hiring managers for hospital systems and private healthcare facilities really search for their providers and nursing staff on Linkedin? And even if they did this during the site’s peak, are they still finding candidates this way now that LinkedIn is fading in popularity? Before you add a Linkedin profile to your job search arsenal, keep these thoughts in mind.

Post a profile; it can’t hurt.

Create a profile and provide visitors with the essential details of your work history and career goals. Even if healthcare administrators and nurse managers don’t search the site for candidates, your employers will probably conduct an online search of your name at least once or twice before you’re hired. You’ll want your professional details to appear somewhere in the search results.

Provide recommendations and testimonials for your connections.

When you have time, offer recommendations and testimonials to others in your network. Positive karma usually supports a successful job search, and it never hurts to reach out with helpful words.

Don’t waste time.

As useful as Linkedin may be for some job seekers, don’t spend more than a few minutes on the site every week. Check in periodically, but don’t devote constant attention to your profile and your feed. No social media platform—including this one—can land you a job. You’ll have to do that on your own by working with a recruiter, keeping your clinical skills updated, and staying in genuine contact with those who can help you. More often than not, social media sites divert job seeker attention away from the task at hand, and can actually slow your progress toward your goals. Stay in control of your forward motion, your attention, and your time.

For more on how to conduct a healthcare job search that’s strategic, efficient, and results-oriented, reach out to the experienced Little Rock staffing team at CSS.

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