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5 Ways to Use Social Media for Effective Recruiting

Social media

Social Media. It’s used in our everyday life, including our businesses. However, its important to utilize social media in order to grow your customer/client base as well as recruit talent. There are a few reasons why it is important for your company to have a social media presence:

  1. Reaching your target audience. Nearly half of the world uses some form of social media. It’s a great way to reach a specific audience you are targeting and to find people in your field.
  2. Showing off your company. Employees look for companies that have a positive work environment. You can highlight current employees or show your company’s values or perks.
  3. Networking. Websites like LinkedIn or Facebook are great ways to connect and communicate with others. They can also show mutual friends in your network. When hiring, you can tell friends or reach out to acquaintances and they can also let others know you have openings.

With those reasons in mind, here are 5 tips to recruit and retain top talent!

Pick the social media your audience is on

There are several different social media platforms you can join, it can seem overwhelming. Luckily you don’t need to join every single one in order to have a large presence. Pick two or three platforms that your target audience is on and build a marketing strategy around it. For instance, we are on Facebook and LinkedIn and post regularly, make sure to give us a follow!

highlight company culture

Some potential recruits’ first introduction to your business will be the company’s social media page. Your goal is to make your company enticing and have people want to learn more about it. Some ways you can do this is to post perks that will attract talent you’re going after; fun events your company is involved with; or awards your company has won. These help your company stand out from competitors.

feature employees

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. The purpose is to show actual people work in your office and gives visitors a face to remember, not just a logo. Along with posting their photo, include an accomplishment, how they contribute, or one of their hobbies. If your company is doing something together outside of work, make sure you take a group photo or video part of the event. Make sure you get permission from the employee(s) before you post about them publicly on social media.

Post Job openings

Obviously posting jobs is a great way to recruit for open positions. Posting jobs on social media can reach a wider audience and even have them share posts so you can receive more engagement. You’ll more than likely have more eyes on your social media pages than your website, but this can drive more traffic to your site! For a more in-depth explanation on engagement metrics, check out Hootsuite’s article that goes into additional detail.

utilize resume and skill set searches

Social media sites like LinkedIn have ways to search for specific skill sets or industries to help narrow your search. Though not a social media platform, Indeed has a resume search feature where you can clearly define what words you want to pop up or exclude on a search and you can look for specific job titles. This is helpful if you are wanting to target your job searches or look for a more niche candidate.

All in all, social media is a useful tool to not only grow your business, but recruit for talented candidates. Make sure that you have developed a marketing strategy for your posts. There needs to be a purpose behind the posts and not just throwing up something on there to have something.

Have you ever used social media to screen applicants? Check out our article on the do’s and don’ts of using social media for background checks!

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