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5 Things You Should Not Say in an Interview


So you are getting ready to interview for a job and you want to make sure it goes perfect. It’s normal to get nervous, but you want to make sure you do well and not say the wrong things. Without even realizing it, candidates make small mistakes that employers pick up on during interviews.

We have previously covered how to stand out in an interview and mentioned a couple of things to avoid doing. But we also believe you should be aware of red flag comments to avoid saying in an interview too. With these 5 points, you should be able to make the most of your interview and set yourself up for success!

1. Don’t ask “What Does This Company Do?”

You’ve probably put in several applications while looking for work, and it’s easy to get them mixed up. But don’t walk into an interview and not know who you are applying for and what they do. It can leave an employer thinking you don’t really care or that you may potentially have a bad work ethic.

You want to position yourself as an expert and know what your role entails. Instead of asking “What does the company do,” ask more in depth questions about the industry. For example, if you apply for a logistics position, you might ask how a supply chain shortage is affecting current business.

2. Do Not Say How Much You Hated Your Last Company

We all understand there are some bad jobs and working conditions out there. But bad-mouthing during an interview will come off as you being negative in tough work situations. It may also lead an employer to believe you might always find something to complain about.

What you want to do is focus on how you made a positive impact at your previous job, regardless of how bad your experience was. Talk about how you improved how something was being done, or positive customer experiences. The idea is to show your ability to excel and stay upbeat, even in less than ideal situations.

3. Do Not Say “My Biggest Weakness is Being a Perfectionist”

You know who says that sort of thing? Beauty pageant contestants. The answer doesn’t feel authentic and it leaves interviewers wondering what your actual weakness is. While it seems counterintuitive to share weaknesses, it can actually demonstrate that you are honest, willing to fix issues and grow.

When you list a weakness, present it with a solution to how to fix the problem or how the employer could help. No one is perfect, but showing growth and the ability to change are hireable traits.

4. Don’t Lie in Your Interview

This one seems obvious, but sadly still happens. A lie is only going to get you so far before you caught in it. Be honest about your knowledge in certain areas or if you’re looking to improve specific skills. You never know if an employer is willing to train on things or is trying to mold an employee a certain way.

5. Don’t Leave Without Asking Questions

Not asking questions about the role or company could come across as lack of interest in the job. We don’t mean questions about pay or benefits, though those conversations need to be had as well. But you should ask specific questions about the company or industry at the end of an interview.

Like we talked about earlier, you want to present yourself as being knowledgeable in the field while learning about the company. Now you have turned the tables and they have to sell you on the position and joining their company!


Interviewing can be stressful, but knowing what to say and not to say can put you at a better advantage over your peers. If you avoid these red flags and position yourself as a student of your industry, you’ll have a much better shot of landing the job! And if you need assistance, we’re here to help as well. Call us at 501-801-8061 with questions or fill out an application here.

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