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4 Ways to Appeal to Prospective Employers


When you’re on the hunt for a new job, you probably scour the landscape (both online and off) for posts and advertisements offered by companies looking to staff open positions. You probably respond to appropriate posts by following the application directions, and then you move onto the next post and follow the same routine. Most job searches are grounded this core approach, and if you’re spending about 30 percent of your search time engaged in this practice, then you’re probably on the right track.

But are there other methods you could be using to appeal to potential employers? While you’re searching through posts and submitting resumes to websites and employer email addresses, make sure you’re also staying open to the moves listed here.


During your job search, don’t just sit at home staring into the glow of your computer screen. You may think that attending parties, events, baby showers, get-togethers, and lunch with friends all fall into the category of “taking a break” or blowing off steam…but think again. Yes, these events are fun…but they’re also important job search tools. Getting out and about socially keeps you in circulation and helps you stay tuned in to opportunities that you may only find through your personal network.

Arrange informational interviews.

Contact those in your network who hold influence in your industry. These people may include employers, potential mentors, experienced leaders, or simply people who can offer meaningful advice to someone like you. Ask to buy them lunch or coffee, and if they agree, use your moment of contact to ask specific questions and get the help you need.

Accept temporary and contract positions.

Temp jobs often become permanent, and if you establish a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with your “boss”, you may find a doorway into a permanent role. Keep an open mind and be willing to express commitment, a strong work ethic, and an interest in making the transition to a full- time job. Sometimes a few hours a week spent in a temp position can result in lasting and rewarding career shift.

Think big.

Sometimes the most effective approaches are the most creative and original. If you’d like to gain a meeting, a phone call, or a minute of facetime with a prospective employer who you think might appreciate your skills, take a step off the beaten path. Try to identify mutual friends or acquaintances who can help you, take on projects at your current job that might help you land this person’s attention, or call in favors from those who you’ve helped in the past. You never know what clever moves might score you an interview, so don’t take anything off the table.

For more on how to pursue your target employer and land the job you need, reach out to the experts at CSS.

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