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3 Ways to Get Better Service from a Temporary Agency

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Your time and your money are valuable commodities. We get it! The last thing you want to do is to fill and refill a position several times. Nor do you want your inbox jammed full of dozens of resumes that don’t meet your hiring criteria! If you feel as though your staffing service is nothing more than a resume service whose only intention is to provide you with a warm body, then read on. There are steps you can take to ensure you get the most value for your investment when working with a temporary staffing service.

1. Clearly Establish Your Expectations
Tell your temporary agency exactly what skills and qualifications you need. Don’t assume when you tell them you need a data entry clerk that they know this person also needs good verbal communication skills because they will be helping answer phones as well. Once you provide your list of “must have” requirements and expectations, a good recruiter will let you know if they are realistic. Keep in mind, they fill jobs in your market all day, every day. Their job is to use their knowledge of the latest trends and work with you to set realistic expectations when it comes to filling your positions. They want to set you and your new employee up for success.

2. Have Good Communication
Let your staffing service know the best way and time to communicate with you. Do you prefer a text, an email or a phone call? Is there someone else in you company that they can speak with if you are not available? Once you have established how you will communicate with each other, be sure to return emails or calls from your recruiter promptly. They may have found the perfect candidate for your company, but because they didn’t hear back from you, that candidate went to work else where and you are back to square one. If you fill the position on your own, don’t forget to let the temporary service know. This way they can quit pestering you, notify their candidates, and work on placing them in other opportunities.

3. Provide Feedback
Your staffing service needs to know how the temporary employee is performing and will be checking with you on a regular basis. For example, is the employee is habitually late when returning from lunch or violating the company’s cell phone policy? Your temporary agency needs to be made aware of this. Since the employee is actually an employee of the temporary staffing service, the service needs to counsel the employee and document his or her file accordingly. This helps the staffing service make better decisions about if and where it will place the employee again once the assignment has ended. It also equips the staffing service to handle unemployment claims effectively and keeps it from passing on rising unemployment costs to you, the client.

Do you have positions you need help filling in the Central Arkansas area? Contact the team at CSS and we will assist you in accessing your needs and help you set realistic expectations.

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