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Your time and your money are valuable commodities. We get it! The last thing you want to do is to fill and refill a position several times. Nor do you want your inbox jammed full of dozens of resumes that don’t meet your hiring criteria! If you feel as though your staffing service is nothing… Read more »

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Web users are steadily making the transition from traditional web browsing to reliance on mobile apps, and as their customers make this move, savvy manufactures are working hard to keep pace. Mobile apps and wireless networks are also making their way onto the manufacturing floor as companies look for ways to improve on-site machine maintenance,… Read more »

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Using forging pressure combined with intense frictional heating, a cutting edge manufacturing process known as friction stir welding transforms metal from a solid into a nearly plastic shape. Once a rotating pin is used to soften and stir the metal, a bond can be created between two metal plates that’s free of defects, uniform, and… Read more »